Sabtu, 18 Mei 2013

Pidato Perpisahan Bahasa Inggris

The honorable Mr. Sri Hartono as a Chairman of SMP 2 Pati. The respectable invitations. The respectable my beloved teachers. And for all audiences.
Good morning.
Well in this very occasions today, firstly I would like to thank God for his incredible thing for all of us. Today we stay here together in unforgettable farewell party for class IX. I’m standing here proudly, as a represent of class VII and class VIII will deliver some speech to you.

To my senior, congratulate for you cause you’ve just passed the final exam. All of you pass the final exam. Some of you got better but another maybe not. Don’t worry about it still any chance to rebuild.
We as junior are completely proud of you. We all know how hard you’ve prepared and how hard you’ve studied to reach the achievement. It’s normal for you to cheer or to be happy.
However, remember that the show must go on, you just pass only one step, still another steps you must struggle on. What you want to be is still far and far away. You have to study hard, you have to struggle by your own selves to reach what really you want. We think that to be someone that you like, and really important for yourselves, family, and surround you, is the best achievement.
It’s very hard we know, maybe sometimes you fell frustrated doing something, or maybe your mind is stuck to think anything, just keep your spirit and faithful. Unless that, we are just nothing.
We, stay here just can give you big applause for your success. We, stay here just can give you a deep praying for your way. Don’t ever forget with us. We still need your guidance. Don’t ever forget with your teachers. Whatever you will be, where and whenever you will fly, their praying and motivations are always important.
So big brother. Let’s fly over the sky. Let’s reach the shiny sun. Don’t be so shy, don’t be so afraid. Your future is in your hands.

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