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In a region lies the Duchy Paranggaruda have the intention to marry the son of one named R. Jaseri or better known as the daughter of the Duke Menak Jasari Carangsoko named Wulan Dewi Ruyung. Menak Jasari is physically disabled youth, and the ugly. Until makes Goddess Ruyung Wulan refused to approached. However, due to coercion parents then inevitably have to accept Wulan Dewi Ruyung R. Jaseri as her husband.

The wedding has taken place, Wulan Dewi Ruyung is sad, he asked the party had held a lively puppet show puppet purwo (shadow puppet) with puppeteer Ki Soponyono very famous as a puppeteer who was able to bring some of the character in the story Mahabharata and Ramayana that many viewers were anesthetized as the story alive.

Dalang Sapanyono confusion over the request made by the Goddess Ruyung Wulan, but It's just a tactic of the Goddess for delaying marriage. And that marriage can diggagalkan because she really did not love R. Jasari suaminnya candidates. Pernikhan are not based on love can be painful and discouraging to home life.

He advised the puppeteer puppet Saponyono to find a story similar to the story sad story. Let everyone know Ruyung Wulan Dewi heart moans.

Saponyono mastermind duty as best he could. Feeling challenged to bring wayang unreasonable, because the usual puppet play performed in the wedding ceremony is the puppet of the plot ends with happiness, but this time the puppet puppeteer Sapanyono should bring the story ends sadly. It's definitely got a protest at the audience. But however Soponyono puppeteer must memantaskan because Ruyung Wulan Dewi did not want to sit on wedding throne if his request was not followed. Finally mastermind Soponyono Ruyung Wulan Dewi complied, he was accompanied by two siblings are beautiful and Ambarwati named Ambarsari acting as waranggano Swarawati

R. Jaseri flowery heart can be coupled with Wulan Dewi Ruyung in the aisle. Saliva R. Jaseri always menentes when her beauty. His hands began to naughty mencolak-dab cheeks Ruyung Wulan Dewi. So that makes him uncomfortable. Was busy-fun performances take place, there was commotion caused Rayung Wulan Dewi. He ran from the altar and threw himself on top pangkauan Saponyono Dalang, Wulan Dewi Ruyung Puppets have been swept away in the story, he terpesonan and fell in love with a face puppeteer Soponyono more handsome and clever play rather than Raden Jaseri wayang stories that always spit his passion.

"I ran Kakang Soponyono bring, if not better I'm dead!"
It certainly surprised all the guests in attendance, especially the bride and groom parents. Ki Dalang, too shocked and scared, then Ki Dalang issued a miracle, to extinguish all lights in the Duchy Carangsoko.

The state of darkness, made frantic present in the banquet, the opportunity was used Ki Saponyono escape followed by her siblings and Wulan Dewi Ruyung.

The Duke Carangsoko Puspo Handung Joyo very upset. He called Patihnya Singopadu to quickly resolve this situation.

"Quick ordering soldiers to turn on the lights" turn on the lights of the soldiers rushed.

Once the lights are on, Raden Jaseri rolling on the floor as his future wife disappeared with puppeteer Soponyono.

Duke Paranggarudo patihnya Singopadu ordered to immediately mepersiapkan warrior, chasing Dalang Soponyono and Wulan Dewi Ruyung.

Soldiers spread throughout the village, entering houses with no manners and rude, Carangsoko People become fearful, they ran scrambled to save themselves. Soldiers searched all the houses they are probably hiding in houses and whoever dared melindungnya be punished. This makes Duke Puspo Handung Joyo unhappy, wanted burunan mastermind Soponyono not the people who vandalized. Duke Paranggarudo would not matter, what matters is Soponyono had caught dead or alive. For insulting the authority of the Duke Paranggarudo.

Ki Soponyono and Wulan Dewi Ruyung sisters accompanied him went into the woods, they march to the river channel. Ki Soponyono also oppose the pursuers though in vain, because it is not balanced number of pursuers and pursued. Out of the forest into the forest, Wulan Dewi Ruyung greatness undress, then he exchanged clothes with the locals, they are pretending to be villagers, so that was not a concern residents.

They came to Hamlet Bantengan (Trangkil) Majasemi Panewon region. The heat of the blazing sun during the day to make four people thirsty. Long dry season make dry spring so very precious water. They walked to get a sip of water. They sat under a large tree, dry, after a run without stopping is an ordeal for the first three daughters especially Rayungwulan goddess who never worked hard and walked away. Thirst for the three daughters had been unrestraintedly again, to continue his journey is not possible anymore.

Because they ran after the thirsty land filled with water after being approached was only a mirage. They toddle, they came through the silent fields disebuah no wells, and rivers around it is dry because of the long drought. Seeing that Ki Sapanyono very confused her because it will ask for water to the residents did not dare, afraid to meet his pursuers. So the only way is to steal a watermelon or cucumber on the rice field.

They do not realize that all move-motion is controlled remotely by the owner of the rice field of Panewu Sukmoyono sister named Raden Kembangjoyo. Based on the report that the rice fields are often marred by binatang2 such as buffalo, deer. But this time Kembangjoyo surprised that that has been devastating the plants are not animals but humans. Kembangjoyo ordered his men to surround the fields.

"It was during this that destroy our crops are you! Yes thief! Catch "was war between Ki Soponyono with Flower Joyo his men, they all can be disabled by Soponyono. Flowers finally intervened Joyo they both fight in the middle of rice fields. From a distance the three daughters were hiding watching the fight, because they Paranggarudo forces. But without the power of Ki Sopanyono against R. Kembangjoyo, because Fireworks Joyo more powerful than Ki Soponyono.

Ki Soponyono ditlikung feet, then her hands tied with rope Dadung.

"I was forced to steal because Ndoro"

"The name of the thief also forced all"

Immediately it came out with Ruyung Wulan Dewi and her sister Soponyono puppeteer.

"Kakang Soponyono release, do you rush me right, I should not take as long as you are released first Kakang Soponyono" Goddess Ruyung Wulan thought that the capture puppeteer Soponyono is Paranggarudo Forces. Flower Joyo be surprised that the arrest of the thief apparently took three girls are beautiful. But because Flower Joyo only assigned to keep his brother's field, so he still thrash fourth person is.

The four of them became prisoners of R. Flower Joyo, then they are confronted with Penewu penjelasannnya Sukmoyono to be asked. Ki Soponyono introduced one by one his friends. Then he told all the events that have been experienced, why they got chased troops Garudo Parang, they are forced to steal watermelons and cucumbers belong KembangJoyo Raden, thirst and hunger. Hearing the narrative Ki Soponyono Penewu Sukmayono feel sorry and did not have the heart to sentencing. Penewu Sukmayono willing to accommodate and protect them.

"Stay here all you want, let us Paranggarudo issues that will face them." Sukmoyono invited Soponyono puppeteer, and a third daughter to rest first.

In gratitude for the infinite goodness Sukmoyono, Ki Saponyono offered her siblings to the Penewu to be his servant. Offerings are gratefully accepted. Finally Ambarsari diperistri by Penewu as concubines, while Ambarwati awarded to R. Joyo flowers to be his wife. While Ruyung Wulan Dewi will be returned to his father the Duke of Carang Soko, Puspo Handung Joyo.

Yuyu Rumpung magnifying of Kemaguhan which is also the men knew that Kris Hair Paranggarudo Pinutung with kuluk Kanigoro is owned Sukmoyono great heritage. Yuyu Rumpung told his men. Named Sondong Majeruk to take both these treasures. However, before it can be submitted to Yuyu Rumpung can already diketahu Sondong Makerti resulting battle, Sondong Majeruk kelehan exhausted to want to die, Kris Hair Pinutung successfully brought Sondong Makerti Sondong Majeruk abdominal stab to death. Kris safe! Pinutung hair can not be carried by Sondong Majeruk. Yuyu Rumpung wrath then ordered immediately swarmed Majasemi joined forces with the governor Singopati Yudhopati.

Sementera that the soldiers Parang Garudo still gave chase and raids at the houses. They arrived in Majasemi. Duke Yudhopati how angry when he received a report that the fugitive mastermind Soponyono, Wulan Dewi Ruyung with two younger Soponyono In Majasemi they are protected by Penewu Sukmayono.

Then there was a very exciting battle many casualties, also Ki Penewu Sukmoyono killed in the fighting. Hearing Penewu Sukmayono fall, Raden Kembangjoyo rampage by holding the dagger with kuluk Kanigoro Hair Pinutung Paranggarudo destroying forces. They were assisted by forces Carangsoko, cataclysmic battle between the duke duke Singopati Singopadu, memporsir energy so that they fall on the battlefield. Fighting in Majasemi ended with a lot of casualties.

Ki Saponyono deliver Ruyung Wulan Dewi together with Raden Kembangjoyo. As a thank you, Wulan Dewi Ruyung given to Raden Flower Joyo to be his wife, because Fireworks Joyo beat duke Yudho Pati Paranggarudo then he settled in Carangsoko replace Puspo Handung Joyo Duchy leader. He also was named a Duke after combining the three duchy Paranggarudo, Carangsoko and became a duchy Majasemi Starch
Consolidation has created a harmony of three duchy of the conflict, to consolidate the lead duchy, he called Dalang Soponyono to expand his realm, and find a good location as the center of government, and Raden raden Kembangjaya Sopanyono towards pecan forest, and the forest is cleared immediately for Duchy / central government.

Alas (Forest) Pecan inhabited by few animals lions, elephants and other wild animals, but it is also inhabited by the royal stealth, Flower Joyo and puppeteer Soponyono side by side against the Demon kingdom. Finally, the magic Flower Demon Joyo leader surrendered. To counteract sentient beings salvation Sopoyono smooth puppeteer with puppet plays pecan forest. Will cease Demon leader of his men escape with hazelnut forest.

The next day Flower Joyo and puppeteer Soponyono parajurit Carangsoko continue its work to open a pecan forest village, they're middle of the forest opening came a man carrying a keg filled with water.

"Stop kisanak!, What's your name and what are you bear it?"

"I Ki Sagola, a barrel which contains Dawet I bear, I used to sell this way."

"Dawet it drink what?, Let me asked for, my soldiers also made!

"Why would really cut down this forest?, Sorry for the animals to flee to the mountains?"

"We're clearing forests for new settlements, in order later to become king of a prosperous city, gemah ripah jinawi loh, because derah we used was not possible due to the war we live in you"

Raden Flower Joyo impressed Dawet will drink the sweet and fresh, so he asks Ki Sagola about new drinks drunk. Ki Sagola tells that the drink made from sugar palm starch fed Coconut milk, brown sugar / coconut.

Hearing that answer Raden Flower Joyo inspired, later if clearing is completed will be named the Duchy of starch-Pesantenan. In the development of the Duchy of starch-Pesantenan gemah ripah prosper under the leadership of Flower loh jinawi Joyo.

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